Lawlessness has no place in America


If the Democrats manage to take control of Washington this November, they would run America the same way they are running our country’s biggest cities — by appeasing violent rioters and undermining the rule of law.

This election is much more than just a fight between two clashing political movements and their respective leaders; it’s a struggle for the soul of this nation. While the Republican Party continues to support local law enforcement, the Democrats have been reluctant to condemn the wave of violence that is eviscerating our communities.

Following the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, radical leftists hijacked peaceful protests around the country, unleashing mayhem that continues to this day. It took far less time for rioters to engulf Kenosha, Wisconsin, in flames than it did for Joe Biden to issue a tepid condemnation of the senseless violence.

In Minneapolis, the mob burned police vehicles, assaulted innocent bystanders, robbed local stores, and set fires throughout the city. Encountering minimal resistance from law enforcement, the rioters proceeded to torch the city’s police station, demonstrating that they were the ones in control of the city.

Of course, this was only the beginning.

Encouraged by total police capitulation in the Democrat-run Minneapolis, antifa anarchists began mobilizing their criminal cells and setting them loose in cities throughout America. In Seattle, the anarchists set up their own “autonomous zone” that sheltered criminals from law enforcement, leading to tragic and preventable deaths. In Portland, ongoing riots have devastated local communities for the past 90 days. In my own New York City, the crime rate spiked as soon as our mayor announced a massive cut to the New York City Police Department budget.

Contrary to the Democrat Party’s rhetoric, nothing about the “defund the police” movement has been “peaceful” — countless innocent Americans have already lost their lives as a direct consequence of this anti-law enforcement revolution.

In Kansas City, a four-year-old boy, LeGend Taliferro, was cruelly murdered in late June. The same month, a 16-year-old was shot and killed inside the occupied protest zone in Seattle. Brandon Hendricks, who was 17, was gunned down in New York just after graduating from high school in late June. One-year-old Davell Gardner, Jr. was killed by a gunman in Brooklyn last month.

The list of senseless murders goes on — and so does the Left’s silence.

For President Trump and the Republican Party, however, these deaths are just as tragic and unjustified as the killing of Floyd. They demand the same impassioned pleas for justice. Trump understands that defunding our law enforcement is not the answer.

“Americans know the truth,” he said in June. “Without police, there is chaos; without law, there is anarchy; and without safety, there is catastrophe. We need leaders at every level of government who have the moral clarity to state these obvious facts.”

The American people don’t want to live in a country where violence, anarchy, and crime are part of everyday life. We want a federal government that is willing to actively prosecute — not protect — the rioters besieging our cities. That’s exactly what is happening in Kenosha. Trump is offering the citizens of Portland a similar path back to normalcy, if only their Democratic elected officials will swallow their pride and accept federal assistance.

Throughout our country’s history, this nation has consistently produced the right man to guide us through every crisis — men such as Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan. Today, we have Trump to help us overcome our current challenges, and that should be immensely reassuring to every patriotic American.

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