New Name For Mexican Cartels


Yet another indication that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is not following the law and is blatantly a political arm of the radical left. The DOJ is now following a precedent set by the Nixon-Mitchell era. The DOJ is being very sensitive to the reputations of dangerous and homicidal organized crime groups. Probably, DOJ does not want to be distracted from their Biden administration priorities. The main ones being the five hundred or so January 6 so-called insurrectionists (who did not fire a single shot) that have been held in jail for six months without trial. A small group may have engaged in assaulting an officer(s) and they should be held accountable. Or, the most dangerous group of criminals of them all, the “White Supremacists.”

Just the other day main Justice issued an order to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that henceforth they should not refer to the Mexican cartels, who act as the border control agents for the United States-Mexican border, as Mexican cartels. They did not suggest a new name but like the Washington Redskins an anonymous DOJ source leaked they will be soliciting suggestions from DOJ’s many fans and from the cartels as to an appropriate inoffensive and politically correct name for these organizations of murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, child abusers and terrorists.

In fact, for sometime the Mexican cartels have eclipsed whatever remains of the Colombian cartels. They are wealthier, larger and much more powerful. They work with many other organized crime groups and terrorists as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Chinese Communist Party to surreptitiously penetrate the United States border. They, in fact, have much more control over the border than the absent Biden-Harris administration or the Mexican government. All along the border the only vetting of illegals coming into the United States, is not from our government or Mexico, but the various competing Mexican or No-Name cartels.

Without any doubt they do a much better job of controlling the border, for highly profitable criminal purposes, than either government has ever done. The profit motive creates superior performance. It is obvious that the US does not apprehend anywhere near the actual number of illegals that come into the United States. There is no precise number but in the most exhaustive study done by Princeton University it is estimated that for every one illegal alien that is apprehended, there are 2.2 illegals who enter without detection. They are not tested for CCP virus or given masks or vaccinations. Yet they travel all over the United States and some large percentage of them spread the original infection or the Delta variant or some other variant.

Since last month alone approximately 183,000 illegals were apprehended. Applying the Princeton formula that would mean more than 400,000 illegal aliens entered without detection by the Biden administration. You can be sure, however, that the gatekeepers at the border, the No-Name cartels, intercepted most of them for purposes of exploiting them for criminal purposes. It could drug trafficking particularly as part of their highly profitable cooperation with the Chinese Communists in the smuggling of deadly fentanyl, human slave trade particularly focused on young women, insertion of terrorists as part of their equally profitable cooperation with Islamic terrorist organizations or any number of other things equally dangerous to the safety and security of the United States.

In addition to major threats to the national security of the United States there are many others. The most timely of which is the super spreading of Chinese Communist virus (CCP virus). Only 17% of Mexico has been fully vaccinated and the vast majority of these illegals are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador where the rate of vaccination is even lower and the infection rate higher. Certainly, a high percentage of these illegals just emerging from third world conditions present a similar danger to the United States that the CCP agents of death presented when they travelled around the world spreading this new and highly contagious, and at first very deadly virus, to the world.

One possible indication of just how much these illegals are super spreaders is that the infections from the CCP virus and, in particular, the Delta variant, grew last month, in the Rio Grande area of Texas, by an astounding 900%.

It seems that the entire Biden administration and Democrat governors or mayors are suffering from the same cognitive deficits as their boss because while they are imposing, or considering imposing prison for vaccinated people for not wearing masks, they have done nothing about these hundreds of thousands of super spreaders traveling clandestinely through the United States.

Already 1.2 million illegals have been apprehended. The estimate is a total of at least 2 million by the end of the year, so that will be an additional unidentified approximately 4.4 million illegals traveling around the United States approved by the No-Name cartels but all or most all or most carrying some variant of the CCP virus.

Now this Biden DOJ practice of sensitivity to the feelings of organized crime groups or the Mexican government does have a distinguished precedent to support it. I must confess a conflict. I violated this policy in 1983 for the first time unknowingly, and then violated with knowledge, intent and contempt one million times thereafter until it was rescinded.

In 1973 in an act of consideration to honor the Italian American Civil Rights League then Attorney General John Mitchell agreed in a meeting with Representative Mario Biaggi that the name Mafia could never be used to refer to, at that time, the largest, wealthiest and most powerful organized crime multi-national organization, the Mafia. Possibly Mitchell did not know that the leader of this “civil rights” organization was Joseph Colombo, the boss of the Colombo Crime Family. That certainly succeeded for some time in slowing down potential cooperators because the Mafia seemed so powerful they could get even get the US government to deny reality.

It is disturbing that Attorney General Garland would follow a precedent from an Attorney General who was credited with politicizing the DOJ more than anyone before or after. This seems inconsistent with Judge Garland’s untarnished reputation on the court. Possibly he is unaware of it. Maybe like in The Godfather he needs someone he respects, not the “Big Guy” (too many crimes involving him on the “Hard Drive From Hell”) to put him on a piano and like Johnny Fontaine slap him in the face and tell him “act like an Attorney General.”

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